The late German researcher Paul Tholey published an amazing paper in 1983 in the journal "Perceptual and Motor Skills" entitled "Techniques for inducing and manipulating lucid dreams." I have gone back to this article over and over again, and today I noted a technique that I had glossed over previously. He did not give it a title, so I am calling it the "Dream Figure Contract Technique." Tholey describes a technique he himself had used based on the phenomenon that dream figures will often comment on the state of consciousness of the dreamer. His idea was "willfully allowing a certain dream figure to aid him in attaining lucidity." He reported making an agreement with a dream figure (while in a lucid dream) to meet him in his next dream and "tell him that he was dreaming." It worked! No further research is cited, nor how often this worked for him.
7/11/2012 08:17:37 am

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